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Hasnae Taleb on The 10 Most Successful Quotes and Rules of Success

Hasnae believes in nothing more than turning great ideas into reality and connecting the East to the West through smart media tactics and financial investments.

Below are the 10 most successful quotes and rules of success:

10. Sometimes you have to go back to remember the reason you started.



We all rise and fall: Never doubt your worth. Hasnae claims to have burned her 10 fingers before she could finally make it. However, “in your darkest times, you got to go to your starting point to remember the bottom reason why you have ever started in the first place. It’s all about that one reason”, she says. You got to find your own reason.

9. The bravest move is the heartless one.



To be able to chase your dreams you would need to let go of the great little things to be able to receive the greatest ones, she says. I had to sacrifice a lot- I had to leave my country and stay away from my family, friends, and all the people I loved for a while to create my path. I had to be heartless somehow; I had to be selfish- she added.

8. Take every storm as an opportunity to test the directions of your boat.



That’s one of the most significant lines said by Hasnae Taleb which gets you into some deep thinking. There are some good days and others that are bad, as there are things you control and others you don’t, and that might not be your responsibility, but it is your responsibility to run your situations like a symphony and be the maestro of your show, she says.

7. Wear that smile on your face, no matter what.



There is nothing more powerful that kills your enemies more than you being happy and prosperous. Energies attract each other. When you are positive, you attract all positive vibes to you and vice versa. I am a positive person, and I only surround myself to positive and happy people that give me strength and hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day, so no matter how my day is I wear that beautiful smile that makes me glow, she says.

6. Tell me I can’t, and you better believe that I will.



Determination and persistence are the keys. If you believe in something, you better put all of you into it. Stop thinking, how will you reach there, follow your guts, create propose for whatever you do and let the big picture be you advise.

5. The day you think you’re number 1, you’re closest to 0. Strike for excellence instead and chance the original high.



Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave. Many people dream of number 1, and they want to be number one without any purpose. The purpose is what determines excellence, and it’s what 99% of people miss, the young entrepreneur says.

4. Strength comes from a place where wisdom and faith collide.



You got to be brave and able enough to accept your failures, bring back that fire inside you and move on, and that’s faith. Wisdom is how capable you are to work it out under your calmness, she says. We

3. One gesture of gratitude can change something in somebody’s heart; try it often.



Hasnae is not only a successful young entrepreneur of her era. She is also a philanthropist who likes to help people, do charity, and make people around her happy and in tune. However, for her, gratitude is an essential element in your everyday life as it makes you and your people around your content, which leads to attracting positiveness and success as you go.
“Do what makes you happy, be with those who make you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live and never cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” Hasnae says.

2. If you are not a priority, leave. Never be an option to anything or anyone. Value yourself more than what the world is worth and live on top of eternity.



Hasnae has always been a feminist who has a strong belief that women need to be put first and be treated with respect, care and love because they are the source of the coming generations and they’re responsible for educating nations. However, she has always trained women to never be an option for any man or anyone in the world. If you are not given value and been treated with love and respect, I don’t know why you’re ever wasting your time trying to prove yourself, she said.

1. Always keep your heels, head, and standards high.



You got to be able to differentiate between what you want and want you to need in life, once it is evident in your vision you would start raising your standards as you go and you shall never accept less than what you deserve. People will come and leave, circumstances as well, and you will remain stable for life.